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Kingspan Access Floors

Hull based Kingspan Access Floors Ltd is a world leader in the manufacture of raised flooring systems.

Concept Engineering were given the brief to design and build a bespoke positioning and spot weld machine for a hot adhesive line producing high end faced panels.

The process requires positioning of sheet steel blanks to chipboard panels after the application of a high grab adhesive.

A high level of accuracy is essential as the process will not accommodate even slight misalignment of components.

Concept Engineering provided a robust solution which accommodated a range of product size variations, satisfied the process requirements and achieved a reduction in cycle rate. We are delighted with the results.

Ian Gillyon
Maintenance Manager
Kingspan Access Floors Ltd.

Aunt Bessie’s

Concept Engineering are a valued stakeholder of Aunt Bessie’s. They are an approved contractor who we rely on to deliver solutions to both reactionary and planned projects. We have always been satisfied with their standards, reliability and conduct.

Simon Wood
Engineering Manager
Aunt Bessie's

Kohler Mira Ltd

We would like to give great thanks to the Concept Engineering Team for their involvement in one of Kohler Mira’s most arduous projects for many years. The Kohler Mira Hull relocation project involved not only logistical movement of machinery and workforce but enhancement of our production processes and facilities; this is where the Concept team became heavily involved.

The team where tasked to deal with design, manufacture and installation of numerous pieces of production equipment and service infrastructure.

Working with and amongst several contractors the team onsite cooperated well and completed tasks on time in a professional manner, behind the scenes the office based team worked long hours to ensure any design milestones where met.

Concept Engineering designed and manufactured several pieces of key equipment such as heavy duty conveyors, turntables, transfer conveyors and bespoke equipment such as conveyor lifts operating between two levels of production areas. Infrastructure equipment included service posts and support frames spanning the entire site perimeter supporting cable trays (power and communication networks), gas water and pneumatic ring mains. Working conditions through this phase where tough to say the least.

The entire team from directors to installers worked above and beyond the expectations and where always to hand to assist when other elements of the project required some extra thought and attention. The level of detail and quality of machine build offer robust and flexible solutions in aggressive production environments

The relationship with this company has continued since the project and will continue to do so.

Many thanks to you all....

Paul Smith
Senior Manufacturing Engineer
Kohler Mira Ltd